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Sarah Coloma

UX Designer and Researcher @ Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Previously @ ClinOne and

The Balance Chair

Balance work and play with the chair that moves you. The Balance Chair kicks you out when it's time for a break during your projects. I designed and built a fully-functional automated chair made for remote workers and creative organizations.

The Balance Chair.png

Trial Awareness

Clinical research companies want doctors to refer eligible patients to their studies. I designed an interface that increased healthcare provider referrals to clinical research opportunities 200% over 2 months.

Screenshot 2022-11-17 at 7.19.45 PM.png


A web app for healthcare case managers that tracks financial and in-kind assistance and that provides valuable insights. 

Practical Support DARIA.png


A mobile app concept to aid users who want to know what they can recycle and where. 

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