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Redesigned ClinOne's email to help providers discover more relevant trials for patients

Role: Product Designer

Design and Development Timeline: 4 weeks

Collaborators: Front-end and back-end developers, Digital Engagement Subject Matter Expert, Technical Lead

I redesigned ClinOne's emails to improve clickthrough rates, address design debt, and integrate elements with its recent rebrand, ultimately enhancing connections between patients and relevant clinical trials. I focused on usability principles for readability, maintained a professional tone suitable for the medical community, and provided clear handoff documentation to my developer collaborators to prevent wrapping issues with variable content in real emails.


Opportunities addressed

ClinOne aimed to enhance user engagement by encouraging referrals to specific clinical trial study locations. This newsletter served as a crucial touchpoint, guiding users from initial consideration to the decisive action of contacting a study location regarding a potential patient referral. Addressing design debt and bugs was essential to ensure a smooth and reliable user experience, preventing any obstacles that might deter users from making referrals. Additionally, aligning the newsletter with a recent rebrand was crucial for maintaining brand consistency and strengthening user trust and recognition.

Close collaboration through the finish line

I closely collaborated with a front-end developer, ensuring a seamless exchange between design edits and development updates to achieve a perfect match in form and function. Additionally, I collaborated with Product Managers by contributing to the drafting of clear acceptance criteria and answering questions of back-end developers on the newsletter, ensuring smooth and effective implementation.

We hypothesized that the style of the newsletter that we released would be more suitable to our users therefore more likely to instill confidence in the results and more likely to generate a clickthrough than my initial design.

Ideation and Prototyping

Tailoring Design for a Healthcare Audience: Creating a Professional and User-Centric Email

After my brainstorming I got the feedback that my ideation looked far too commercial, mass-market. While eye-catching, this didn't meet the needs of our healthcare industry users. They required a design that was clean, usable, professional, and equally beautiful, but in a more understated and functional way.


A close relationship with my front- end and back-end engineers for easier implementation

I closely collaborated with a front-end and a back-end developer over two weeks to ensure seamless integration between design edits and development updates, achieving a perfect match in form and function. Additionally, I worked with our Technical Lead and Product Manager to draft clear acceptance criteria regarding how the designs would appear and how they would function. This facilitated smooth implementation and proactively addressed various use cases, such as handling long organization names in content wrapping when the designs shipped. 

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Here are some edits I provided to the front-end engineer I collaborated with.

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